Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Study, Another Set of Data to Manipulate

Forgive my cynicism and lack of empathy, but I just had to respond to this post on the HuffPo.

My experience with the mental health field is that psychotherapy is an even bigger waste of money that psychiatry, which is itself pointless. (And no, I am not a Scientologist. I am merely a survivor of the US mental health industry.)

My experience with mental health has also taught me that the members of the field will try to manipulate the data of any study to justify their paychecks and/or prescribe their drug of choice.

Mental health has absolutely nothing to do with "helping" others. It only "helps" for so long as it can define and identify the problem-- there is absolutely no input from the patient, who is after all quite mad-- and then it offers preconceived solutions for the preconceived problem. Helping others only helps them collect a nice middle class paycheck and/or secure a grant of their choice.

The article also fails to mention that the patients' inability to care for themselves can more often than not be traced backed to the side effects of the absolutely worthless drugs.

Sorry, but color me unimpressed.