Friday, August 20, 2010

With Samaritans Like These, You Don't Need Highway Robbers

I have some friends that live in this town and I thought this was very bizarre. Has anyone else here seen anything like this? Full text of the article:

Samaritan Center opens pharmacy

Samaritan Center has enhanced their patient care by opening a pharmacy at the center’s Bayou office in Vincennes. Samaritan Center CEO John Manning says the goal is for the center to be a one-stop shop for patients. “A lot of folks come by Van Go and by being able to have their prescriptions filled here after their visit will save them a trip,” he said. “We want our patients to have the convenience of being able to have their prescriptions filled onsite, however they can still choose to go elsewhere if they wish.”

The pharmacy’s full-time pharmacist, Alan Kaffenberger says Samaritan Center’s pharmacy is full-service. “Patients of the Samaritan Center will not just be able to have their prescriptions filled here, but they will be able to have their family members prescriptions filled as well,” he stated. “Our pharmacy will also be servicing group homes and cluster apartments as well. For the customers in those places that have chosen our pharmacy, those medications will be packaged and distributed by us.”

The Samaritan Center vendors through QoL meds, based out of Pittsburgh, to bring pharmacy services to its patients. Manning said when the Samaritan Center was looking into the idea of starting a pharmacy he had come into contact with QoL meds at mental health meetings. “QoL did a feasibility study to see if it would be viable to have a full-time pharmacist on site,” Manning said. “We were pleased to learn that the study found we would pull in the volume to have our own pharmacy. It’s really going to be convenient for our patients.”

Kaffenberger has been a pharmacist in the Vincennes community since 1992. He is a Purdue University graduate. The pharmacy is located at the Samaritan Center’s Bayou Office, 515 Bayou Street, their phone number is 812-886-0907.

Samaritan Center - Since 1972, Samaritan Center has been the region's comprehensive mental health center, offering a full range of services for adults, seniors, families, teens and children. Samaritan Center offers counseling, inpatient psychiatric service, diagnostic evaluations, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, addiction services and much more. All of the Samaritan Center’s services are designed to improve the quality of life for people of all ages, giving them a place to turn and helping them along the path to recovery.

I guess the mental health center needs extra money due to Medicaid cuts. The national pharmacy chain for behavioral health centers QoL lists an exciting career opportunity:

Title: Clinical Medication Coordinator

Job Summary:

The Clinical Medication Coordinator (CMC) meets with each Medicaid or insured consumer of their mental health center to educate them on the benefits of using QoL meds pharmacy as opposed to a local retail vendor. By developing relationships with the entire treatment team (clinicians, family and consumer) the CMC ensures that a Qol meds consumer receives the highest quality of prescriptive service. Some of the duties include:


Become point of contact on behalf of pharmacy for consumer and clinician. Answer patient medication and pharmacy questions.

Provide adherence counseling by contacting each consumer and Report medication count to the responsible party.

Tracking void (no refill) prescriptions through reports from pharmacy.

Occasional delivery of meds to consumers.


Clozapine/Clozaril Phlebotomy:

Set up clozapine clinic for patients on clozapine to have their blood drawn and receive next cycle of medication. Draw blood and send samples to lab. Monitor patient’s attendance at clinic as well as other questions/issues.

It just absolutely boggles my mind how these sorts of people can push poisons and live with themselves. They certainly have to have really good rationalization mechanisms.

With Samaritans like these, you don't need highway robbers.


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