Friday, September 10, 2010

Why they hate our freedoms

Burning the Koran is tasteless and oafish, to say the least. I appreciate that Muslims are offended by it, but as this article points out self-expression is the backbone of our rights. We can burn our Bibles. We can burn our bras. And according to the Supreme Court, we can burn our flag to express our political frustration and even sacrifice small animals to express our religious convictions. It only follows that we can burn the Koran. Nothing need be held sacred in this country (except that very statement itself). And there is no constitutional right guaranteeing your right not to be offended.

in reference to: BBC News - Why US government could not have stopped the Koran bonfire (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. Yes, no matter what someone will defend what is important to them, or become offended by others actions, and freedom of speech and expression in the US is a reminder we can think, speak and act as if we are not living under a regime!

  2. Burn Baby Burn!! The whole concept related to freedom of speech is in itself offensive.

    Though I may not agree with what others may have to say, I will fight for their right to say it.

    Is a Constitutional Republic perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination; but is far better than tyranny, Corporatism, and pseudo theocracies that stifle the free expression of our flawed humanity.