Monday, November 29, 2010

A Real Life Hurt Locker

This is more than a little weird.

I appreciate what happened at Virginia Tech, but this simply doesn't pass muster. Whittington didn't make actionable threats. He wasn't even vaguely threatening. He just simply articulated his reactions to the very dark and crazed business of combat. And he did it quite well, it seems.

And really, what he was writing about is exactly what won The Hurt Locker all those Academy Awards.

I don't think he needs a psych eval. I think he needs to be encouraged to write more.

I think it's sad that we should glorify these wars in this country, but not allow our returning vets to speak honestly of them. We expect them to keep hushed about it because war doesn't affirm a positive, sunny outlook about the good intentions of mankind, I guess.

I feel sorry for this guy and I hope psychiatry doesn't damage him even more.

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