Sunday, November 13, 2011

Profits all around

It's very sad that our veterans receive such a lousy shake in their needs and healthcare when they get home, as this article points out.

I think the key concept, however, is here:

Ironically, yet not surprisingly, pay-to-play in Washington becomes more egregious every day. Heather Bresch, daughter of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV) was recently named CEO of WV drug-maker Mylan Inc., that recently contracted with the DoD for over 20 million doses of Seroquel.

One reason that these antipsychotics are among the most profitable products for the pharmaceutical industry is that many of the purchases are paid for by the US government.

Another reason that makes them the cash cows of the pharmaceutical industry is that patients are required to take them by force of court order, with Medicaid being the most likely payor.

I always found it odd that CEOs would embrace these government subsidies over private enterprise and the free markets. I guess it all depends on what makes you the easiest and quickest buck.

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  1. Overlooked in this post is the conflict of interest in the US government.
    The many elected individuals that comprise the government are most likely wealthy.
    Where do wealthy people have their money?
    Invested in pharmaceutical industry, as it is THE most profitable industry.
    If you want a link to proof of pharma profits I come back and put one.